news_image Sophie who trained at the Education Centre in Craig-Y-Don, believes that apprenticeships are the future "I would highly recommend training and working!  Becoming a Student with tommy's made me realise how much behind-the-scenes work goes on to become a skilled hairdresser, and I am grateful they have guided me and made it possible"
"I couldn't be prouder of Sophie, she works hard in the Salon and her busy column is proof of what an incredible hairdresser she is.  As an employer, these sorts of ventures are intrinsic to our commitment to furthering our Team skills and experiences.  Investing in the development of our Team is a win-win situation and I'm looking forward to seeing what the future holds for Sophie" - Tommy van der Veken Creative Director
Sophie missed the upper age limit to become part of the WorldSkills UK squad by just 3 months! However Sophie will be helping the Welsh hairdresser who does qualify.  Last month at the Apprenticeship Awards Cymru Final organised by the Welsh Government and the National Training Federation for Wales (NTfW), Sophie came runner-up and has er eyes set on more achievements!  @With the support of Tommy's in the future I am looking forward to running in Industry competitions, and progress from the student arena!"

You can book in with our Award Winning Stylist by calling 01492 870 166.