Make-Up For Hair has arrived!

news_image Our brand new concept uses existing highlighting techniques paired with Hair Contouring and the careful positioning of different tones and shades through the face area to highlight or shadow different areas.   For example darker tones are used to shorten or narrow the face shape, whilst highlights help to widen and elongate features through lighter colour adding the illusion of length or width.  This incredible technique can create the illusion your face is longer, more rounded, or even wider through complementary tones and the clever placement of colour.  This draws the eye to paint a different picture of your face shape and features...Much as contouring with Makeup does!

The level of skill needed to define sections of hair through light and dark colour tones, means that only someone with a wealth of colour knowledge can deliver this kind of technique.  The subtle shades, melting of colours and depth of colour choice, means that the application method has to be tailored to you.  This can look so natural that nobody will ever know!  Or with more adventurous colours, can help your look really pop!

There is practically nobody that Makeup for Hair will not work for!  Every colour appointment is bespoke to you! The great thing is that nobody will have exactly the same colour!  Makeup for hair is designed to suit YOUR face.  The Hair Makeup Contouring is bespoke, it depends on your facial structure, and the features you have.  The Colour is dependent on your skin tone and fashion preference.  100%, undeniably, totally, YOURS.  For more information contact your nearest Salon by visiting our Website, and speak to our Guest Experience Managers, who will begin the process of a brand new, unique YOU!