Ever thought you could be a Model?

Working as a model can be great fun and is often hugely rewarding, whether as a part-time job or more as a hobby. You can meet new people, learn how to relax in front of camera and earn some handy extra money too. We are looking for fresh new Talent to build up our Modeling Portfolio within the Tommy's Brand. We believe that the future of fashion will be all inclusive, and we currently seek models for photographic work, as well as catwalk and show work. There has never been a better time to become a model. Since the growth of the internet, online shopping, and advertising, Commercial models have become more and more in demand.
However, it has probably also never been more frustrating for an aspiring model to know how to get started or who to trust as the industry has all moved online. This is why we believe our services will be in high demand. We are a local Company, with a great reputation in the North West for delivering amazing Hairdressing and Customer Service. We want to make sure that everyone can put a face to the name of the people they use.
If you register today, then our team will assess your application, and you will be contacted by one of our Tommy's team within three working days if they believe you could benefit from our support.
We just require you to sign up with the sheet below, and you will then be sent a link to upload a picture. We want fresh new talent to join us and be the face of future campaigns. We look forward to hearing from you!