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Bye-bye 3 Hour Highlights!

news_image We are so excited to be a part of this INCREDIBLE new system that will bring you amazing highlights...In a Fraction of the Time!  Call your nearest Salon now to book, want to see what we're on about?  Click for more!!!

Is Cupid catching up with you?

news_image That cheeky Cherub has reached break-neck speeds!? Valentines is one week away!? Nothing sorted? Don't panic!? With a couple of clicks...We can make sure that you are Love-Struck the right way! Click to find out how...

We need a male model!

news_image Tommy's are looking to bring home the L'oreal Colour Trophy this year, and we need to find a man that can hit the runway...hard!

Kerastase FLASH SALE!

news_image SORRY? BUT DID SOMEONE SAY KERASTASE MASQUES ARE GOING FOR ?9.99?!?!? Why are you still reading this? Once they're gone, they're gone!

New Hair Resolution

We know...Same old story, different year.? 'New Year, New You!' It is possible to have a New Year, and be the same you, but with better hair!
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